The Genesis Internship Experience
At Genesis we believe that an internship should be a journey of personal and professional discovery, not cheap labor in return for “real world experience.” In response to this negative stigma, we are working to create the ultimate resource for student and employer information sharing with the goal of increasing transparency in the industry and ensuring a positive internship experience.

Our website offers a simple platform for students to learn about local internships and network directly with employers to find the best possible fit. We strive to give you an excellent internship experience and look forward to helping you build relationships and gain knowledge.

Come see what we have to offer and enjoy the Genesis Internship Experience!

The Local Internship Industry
Our model is created to build internships for local businesses in college communities and provide students with a pool of internships never seen before. We are working with businesses all around Missouri to create new internships with the sole purpose of meeting students educational requirements.

In an effort to deliver this promise, we are partnering with Project Intern and The Columbia Chamber of Commerce to give you the best of what Columbia has to offer.


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