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What is an internship?

An internship is a short term position within a company designed to provide real world experience to those looking to gain knowledge that’s relevant to a particular career field. The primary focus of an internship is to combine on the job training with classroom learned skills to give the intern a smooth first step into the working world. Ideally each internship will provide its interns with a mentor who will assign tasks and guide the student through the process.

What is not an internship?

An internship is not a tool for businesses to get access to cheap labor. In order for an internship to be accepted by your school or university it must meet certain requirements. For example, a passable internship must last 120 hours (8 weeks) and must be centrally focused on a project that the student will complete. Most quality internships will have a predetermined outline that will be followed to completion. If you are offered a position that does not meet these requirements make sure to double check with your advisor before committing to anything.

What are the differences in paid and unpaid internships?

The goal of any student looking for an internship is either to identify or accelerate their career path. Typically internships that accelerate a student’s career path are paid and internships that help identify a career path are unpaid. To explain further, a student involved with a career accelerating internship will be hired because they possess a particular set of skills and will be expected to complete work that will provide value to the company. A student who is unsure of what they want out of a career will be better suited to an internship that gives a broad view of a particular industry and allows them to explore different aspects to find their passion. This kind of internship provides much insight to the student, but adds little value to the company and thus is unpaid. Both internships have a specific function and can add great value to your professional experience.

What are the typical roles of an intern?

The specific roles of an intern are heavily dependent on the company and the position offered, but a few general responsibilities include: observation and job shadowing, research, data entry and analysis, developing and conducting surveys, proposal preparation, and, in some cases, project management. A good internship provider will clearly state the responsibilities of an intern upfront when broadcasting the position.

What is Project Intern?

Project Intern is a new initiative of the Columbia MO Chamber Education Committee that positions the Chamber to be aclearinghouse for partnering Chamber member businesses with college interns. Based on members' indication of interest, the Chamber Board has approved a pilot program we are calling "Project Intern: Teach. Train. Retain."

Project Intern began in Fall 2011 to help connect employers and students for the spring 2012 semester. And is continuing to provide internships through the summer and fall 2012 semesters.

Here's how it will work:

  1. Chamber member businesses interested in finding an intern must fill out the internship description form. Please click here to download PDF intern request form and submit it to
  2. All internship descriptions are due by August 18th, 2012  to be eligible for full representation. After the internship descriptions are compiled and approved, Project Intern will display the content at
  3. Once student applications are received, businesses will then set up interviews with the best suited student(s).

Initially, we are working with a select group of departments, schools and colleges at the University of Missouri, Columbia College and Stephens College. It is our hope to have all locally based higher education institutions involved as we progress. Moving forward, we also look to involve other Chamber groups, such as EPIC, to potentially mentor and to add to the student intern's experience.

Of course, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of us or contact:

Kari Laudano
Phone: 573-874-1132
Fax: 573-443-3986

How do I search for a specific type of internship?

There are a few simple tools to search our site and find exactly what you are looking for...

  • Our first recommendation would be to try the global search at the top of the homepage.
  • If you want to filter our listings by a particular category or field of study, just check the particular items in the filter bar located right below the global search bar then click the "Filter" button.

How can I apply for an internship I find on your site?

Thats simple! Once you are registered, click on the internship you are wanting to apply for and scroll to the bottom of the internship description. There you will see a button at bottom left hand corner labeled "Apply Online". Click the button to make the application form pop down. Inside this form you will be able to fill in your basic information and attach your resume and cover letter.

How can I keep track of and manage internships that I am interested in?

If you are a registered "Internship Seeker" you can choose to store keywords, locations, and categories of internships to be automatically displayed in the recommendations section of your dashboard. You can also choose to "Star" any particular internship that you may become interested in and that will also be shown to you on your dashboard, as well as list of the last 5 internships you looked at!

What if I can't find the internship I'm looking for?

Genesis Internships is dedicated to finding all students internships and experiences that will take them to the next level in their careers. Please fill out the "Request an Internship" form to let us know what type of internship you are looking for and we will do our best to find one that matches.

If you would like to receive updates whenever we add specific internships you are looking for, you can register as an "Internship Seeker" and choose to store keywords, locations, and categories of internships to be automatically displayed in the recommendations section of your dashboard. You can also choose to receive tailored email alerts based on those preferences. You can subscribe/unsubscribe to your custom internship alerts at any time. We promise to never spam you. If RSS is more your thing, we can also provide you with your own custom RSS feed that can be used to subscribe to Google Reader or any other service and keep you updated of new internships fitting your criteria, as they are published.

How do I submit an internship?

Just click here! or if you need some more time before you fill out our quick and simple form you can  click here to download our form to review and fill out at your own convenience.

How can I edit and manage my internship once I've posted it?

Simply go to your dashboard to see a listing of all your uploaded internships. On this page you can toggle between all of your live, pending, and expired internships and edit them as you please. You can also use this interface to renew and expired internships you may have.

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